I know it’s Monday and you may even have the day off with a list full of things on your to do list (or maybe the honey-do list). Whether it began as mundane or magnificent, could we share a few minutes to quickly dig beneath the surface of this quote from this amazing man of which we grant great respect today?

“Let us fight passionately and unrelenting for the goals of justice and peace…”

There is always a battle at hand for each of us. Whether it be internal, external, or both, we always have something our heart yearns for improvement/change. What battle do you find yourself in today?

The battles aren’t always life-altering. Some days you just wake up and realize you’re without that fresh cup of coffee and you feel doomed for the day. Other days bring battles that attack your mama heart or leave you questioning the foundation of your marriage. Internal battles such as knowing your worth and identity in this world can be just as weighing.

What I find to be so profound of Dr. King’s charge is the challenge doesn’t come through a passionate and relentless fight. Do you find yourself passionate about the core battles in your life right now? Surely your heart is simply yearning for justice and peace. MLK Jr. encourages us to carry on in that fight.

The real challenge?

“…but let’s be sure to keep our hands CLEAN in the struggle.”

I find it to be no coincidence my 2017 word (clean) showed up among one of his quoted sermons right in alignment with the aim of my heart for this year. Confirmation is more like it. I have no doubt more than just I can relate here.

After all, for so long I have always considered the “passionate fight” to be the hardest. As misled as I have always been, I now realize the most tested area in the battle, is keeping our hands clean in the process.

Am I the only wife who has ever told her husband that I wish he wouldn’t take his frustrations at work out on his family at times then reflect back to see I have been guilty of releasing my own frustrations on them in return also? Am I the only mama who has ever disciplined their child on their tone of voice then found myself using the very tone they probably learned from? Am I the only friend who has ever went through a hard season of friendship and shared my struggles or their struggles possibly inappropriately?

This is hard stuff. I’m having a hard time chewing on these words myself. We aren’t perfect. However, I am learning the hardest part of the battle isn’t so much the fight itself, but remaining pure in the fight. I am a good wife. I am a good mom. I am a good friend as well as a good citizen. However, I am far from perfect. I firmly believe it begins with you and I. The battle isn’t just about our fight for justice and peace, but how we become intentional about keeping our hands and hearts clean in the process in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Jesus, for your son Martin Luther King Jr. who led, and though deceased, remains to lead with great wisdom and truth.

I hope this encourages you to dig deeper on various levels that as we as individuals strive to clean up our own act, our community may become more clean through more unity and less division.

I’ll leave you with one final power quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. as you enjoy the remainder of your day:

“Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”