For a family of seven, we accumulate quite a bit of trash throughout the week. For a mom of 5 under the ages of 10 and a wife of a man working two jobs, from time to time trash day will slip up on me, on us. It doesn’t happen frequently, but I admit, it happens.

Fast forward through week two of trash accumulation. By this point, I want to cry. The trash truck can’t hit that curve soon enough. It bothers me to the point of anxiety.

Early one morning, I had just taken the overflowing trash cans to the road for pickup. There was a sense of relief just having it placed and ready to go knowing today was the day of empty trash cans…I recall walking into the house consumed in thought over how this one aspect of life had weighed me down. Crazy, I know.

Do you have any trash in your life weighing you down? I had no idea actual trash would have a place of anxiety in my world. That scenario pushed me to consider other areas of my life.

Is social media bringing trash of comparison to your world? Are you comparing your reality to the good in life people choose to showcase in pictures and posts? Rarely one will post their child throwing a tantrum over a new song they learned at preschool. Or write a status about the financial disputes in their marriage over the elaborate gifts bought for them for Valentine’s. Understandably so.

Is social media trash? No. How you perceive it and whether you have boundaries for it can be. I find I am much more content with the life I have been given if I do not allow myself to get so caught up in the staged presence of others lives. Setting boundaries to eliminate the trash of comparison.

Is there a guy at work who listens and pays more attention to you than you feel your husband does which begins to feed thoughts the grass just might be greener on the other side? It began as innocent small talk and now you have thoughts of him while at home with your husband or discussing your marital problems with him rather than addressing them in prayer and at home? Trash of a lying enemy. The grass is not greener. There will always be struggle in one form or another.

Romans 8:18 says “For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

As I looked out, I truly felt revived to see empty trash cans. The weight of anxiety was immediately gone. You may be laughing and finding this to be a ridiculous exaggeration but for me it was a real moment of realizing there’s an enemy who is full of trash-filling strategies to weigh us down and hinder our growth.

I now have a reminder on my phone each Tuesday morning to take out the trash. Now when our life is all kinds of crazy, our trash isn’t forgotten. We get our money’s worth in the trash bill. Our garage doesn’t reek. Oh, and the crazy trash anxiety that I subconsciously experienced is gone.

When we seek God in prayer and in Scripture, we don’t feel forgotten. We begin to get our investment’s worth in the vow we made. Our marriage doesn’t have the same stench we once thought it did. More importantly, we have less marriage anxiety and more gratefulness for the flaws that brings a glory this world could never take credit in.

When we are relentless in our marriage fight, we become strategic in setting boundaries and eliminating what isn’t necessary or may be harmful. Satan will use trash-filling tactics to question your faith and belittle your blessings.

What can you eliminate today? What boundaries are worth setting? What strategy can you create to be intentional when life gets crazy? Marriage matters friend. I hope our little trash talk speaks depth in your journey today and to follow.

the lovely exchange:

eliminating time and thoughts in unnecessary places (trash)

exchanged for

experiencing God’s glory through seeking him in our voids (treasure)