Dear weary wife,

You have been on my heart for a while now. You see, I’m a weary wife myself. More so, I have been a weary wife from the beginning of this marriage journey. About 10 years ago, I began asking God to use my heartaches as an instrument for his glory.

Little did I know that very prayer would be my heart’s cry for 10 years to follow…

maybe even the rest of my life.

By his overwhelming grace, God has never failed me. Not once. Have I failed him? Absolutely. Over and over. But my sweet Jesus, never.

From where does your weariness stem, my friend? Loneliness? Comparison? Pain being too much to bare? Lack of spousal support? Unforgiveness? Bondage from past circumstances? Fear? Physical or emotional exhaustion? Lack of unity?

Well, hallelujah, we’re in good company. I’ve been there. Honestly, it’s a moment to moment mission. Whatever it may be for you, restoration can be yours.

It’s you, darling, that has become the answer to my 10 year prayer. You are the very piece of his glory stemming from my suffering.

Let’s take a minute and reflect the journey of someone who can relate all too well.

Imagine Jesus.

A spotless man having nails driven into his flesh. A man without sin being nailed to a cross, bleeding intensely. Pain just too much to bare.

Matthew 27:46 reads, About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?” that is,


Sound familiar? Have you cried that very same question once,or maybe more times than can be counted? I know I have.

Jesus trusted the promise of his father. He knew the beauty from the ashes. He knew the beautiful redemption that was to come. But, for a moment, his pain felt too much to bare. The reality of carrying the cross, the nails, the blood, the intense physical and emotional torture. Jesus’ pain blinded the promise as he felt forsaken in that very moment, pleading his father for reprieve.

Has your pain blinded His promise to you? Have you felt forsaken in your weariness? Jesus knows. And He yearns to walk this journey alongside you straight to the victory that has already been won for you. For your husband. For your marriage.

If I can take all those sleepless nights and bring truth and comfort in the midst of yours, it makes my journey to restoration more than worth it.

I’m walking in restoration as I write. Would you care to join me? My mission is for you. To speak life to the enemy of lies. To remind you of the promise when it seems so out of sight. To discern His wisdom and design for our marriages far beyond what this world portrays.

My greatest hope is you find the peace your soul is so thirsty for as we laugh, cry, learn and connect together.

Love Meaghan - periwinkle