I’m not the flower type. What about you? The gal who swoons over that delivery of a fresh bouquet. Nah, not me. I’m more the “save your money and wash a load of dishes for me” type gal. But you see, I know the holidays without the flowers or even the free gift of clean dishes. So that small set of roses are so special to me that I have chosen to keep them even as they wilt. And still, I find them so beautiful.

Why, you ask. Those roses were only one way my husband outdid himself showing me I am noticed. I am appreciated. I am loved. My husband and I have walked through seasons where appreciating each other was unheard of. We loved but not as the life of a rose. When there were thorns, we were more like enemies with no love in sight. The beauty of the bloom among the thorns was something we struggled to see.

Giving thanks wasn’t something we practiced in seasons where we felt we were wilting. How about you? Have you ever experienced the power of giving thanks when your life is more in droop mode?

Can I be honest here? This is one of my greatest struggles. I’m quick to fear defeat and slow to lift my hands for all the victories thus far.

When your life seems to be wilting,

it’s easy to question

whether it’s worth still watering.

 There was a day where our wedding picture was more painful than beautiful to me. When roses in full bloom or wilting just weren’t my thing. There was a day when the banner of LOVE would not have been hung over our bed, because we were convinced of defeat. My bible hasn’t always been my outlet. I haven’t always chosen a word to live by from year to year.  And there was certainly a day where “give thanks” wouldn’t have been my choice of décor because I didn’t understand the power of giving thanks when all seemed to be crashing down.

God yearns for us to plop a spot beside His word daily, seeking Him. Giving thanks. Being thankful is not just for November. Sometimes if Facebook doesn’t remind us with its thankfulness challenge, we forget. What can you give thanks for today as you feel a little wilted?

There are times I deeply struggle, and I find myself just thanking Jesus for not giving up on me. For giving me Scripture to anchor my soul and rest my heart upon. For promising if I boast of my weaknesses, His perfect power will rest on me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

If you feel there is an area of life that seems to be wilting rather than blooming, hold tight to Isaiah 43:19.

Each of those items placed above our bed serve as a reminder. God promised in Isaiah 43:19 that He will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. I am reminded to continually give thanks no matter the conditions. I am reminded that marriage is trying yet sanctifying, therefore quite beautiful. That LOVE covers over a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8) and perfect LOVE drives out fear (1 John 4:18). That my anchor is my bible. And that by choosing a word to strive and grow my faith in the year gives me something to aim for as a daily reminder.

Sister, I am challenging you to surround yourself with daily reminders of who God has been and will be in your life. Because if you’re anything like me, without a reminder, you walk without direction in the wilderness. From experience, I know being without direction when we are wilted is never good.

Have a blessed day, friend and know I am giving thanks for YOU whether you’re wilted or in full bloom today as my Jesus sisters who get me and accept me.