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Why Would He Notice?

I had really blown it this time. Grocery shopping with my children at times has a tendency to bring out the worst in me. Especially on the days of runny noses (with no tissues on hand), bickering siblings, and the list left...

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The Communication Barrier

           “Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” Genesis 11:7(NKJV) If only he understood where I was coming from. If only I understood what...

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When the Weary Woman Wins

“I’m done,” I told myself and my husband (oh, and God). After a petty yet surreal argument while spending the weekend visiting family, I surely believed my husband and I were too much of polar opposites to ever win at this...

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Deeper than the Snow…

I recall a few years ago, the feeling of bitter cold come over me in my heart. Our marriage was hanging by a thread; being together felt as lonely as when we were apart. We were experiencing a true blizzard in our marriage. We...

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Road Rage

Have you ever been in the vehicle with someone who completely lost their head over someone else’s mistake on the road? A.K.A. Road Rage. It can be comical, frightening or down-right embarrassing. Let’s put ourselves in that...

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