Author: Meaghan Tate

When Obedience Crumbles and Humbles Your Best Laid Plans

Oh dear. How could God really be calling me to this assignment? To write from this position where I truly feel so unqualified. “Meaghan, who are you to think you would be called to lead weary wives when you’re barely a wife yourself? What  woman would find you anything more than a hypocrite as you stand firm on your belief and knowledge of marriage when your own is in desperate need for a miracle? ” -Satan What lies has Satan pounded you with to the point you became convinced? If I have any say in this, we are calling  that quits, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW, my sweet friend.   Several years ago, my bags were packed and there sat my ring with a four-page letter left on the nightstand by our bed. My friend, Hannah, knew of my plans the night before and gave her  best advice for me to seek God before making any final decisions. I half joked to her how God had stopped me  before and watch Him do it again. I was tired of waiting on God and certain it was time to take things into my own hands. This particular day was my son’s last day of football camp so we headed that way, van packed down. I called Hannah from across the field to let her know I was running a quick errand. Low and behold, my car wouldn’t start. As I texted her to ask for her husband’s help, she replied with, “LOL. I believe you now.” She knew that half-hearted joke from the night before was legit. Long story short, the vehicle was towed back to our house only to find that nothing was wrong with it. Two days later,my husband took a shot at starting it before attempting to diagnose the problem. Started right up, no problem and   no further trouble. God wasn’t allowing me to walk out of His will. You can call it coincidence but if you experience that enough, you KNOW it comes from something Greater and His  name is Jesus. Fast forward to September 2017. Marriage has grown me, refined me, changed me, and yes, even shattered me. Motherhood quite the same in these years since that hot August day. The amount of trust I have found worthy in my Savior over these few years is so extremely different from where I was that day. So when the tribulations began piling up during those crisp fall days of 2017, I cried out to God, “If Your will is for me to stay, I’ll stay. If Your will is found in release, I will go. I choose You over me. And over him. And over us. I trust Your will if only You’ll reveal it loud and clear.”  He did just that; this time with new direction. That story for a different post. I don’t know much yet about this season I am in. One thing I am certain, I have never seen a more Sovereign God in a situation this world would deem just another statistic. A situation that  doesn’t seem hopeful yet receives hope in the mundane and ordinary, which always becomes extraordinary.   Obedience, my friend. Obedience. It may require you to crumble. It will certainly humble.   I’ve tasted the comforts of “my way” and the discomforts of “His way”.  Hands down, I would choose His way any day.    “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher  than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9   the lovely exchange: Laying down MY best laid plans through disobedience Exchanged for Trusting in His best laid plans...

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Why Would He Notice?

I had really blown it this time. Grocery shopping with my children at times has a tendency to bring out the worst in me. Especially on the days of runny noses (with no tissues on hand), bickering siblings, and the list left sitting on the kitchen table. This particular day I was grocery shopping between TWO stores within all the circumstances above. Trying to get the best bang for our buck while literally losing my mind. Pay the extra dollar, my friend if you ever find yourself in those shoes. Here’s where I blew it. My husband called while we were in the store and I copped an attitude with him (because clearly it was his fault that the kids were acting up and that I had left my list at home and that we were all tired and hungry). We survived the first trip, but still had one to go, one that would require double time from the first. Yikes! I became unraveled and it wasn’t pretty. No mama ever cares to admit the times she’s unleashed in ways she prays no one saw. But this was me. The words I spoke over my children were terrible and I was falling apart before their eyes. Literally, the entire 10 minute drive between stores, all I could think was, ” Why would God EVER show me favor? I’m a terrible mother who blames the disorganization of my life on the chaos...

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4 Ways to Keep Your Children Thriving When Your Marriage is Struggling

Another day. Another hurdle. The same broken heart. And there were my poor babies. Smack dab in the middle of my broken heart, my occupied mind, and my wounded marriage. These innocent little souls were hurting and there was no denying it. Why? Because they couldn’t fix the hurt they were experiencing from mama’s “always sad face.” They had heard words slung and silent treatments delivered between two people they wanted to believe had hung the stars. Friend, have you ever found yourself at the end of a broken day chewing on the sour taste of FAILURE? More broken than you began because the innocent hearts of your children were being impacted in ways your mind can’t wrap by your struggling marriage. I’m writing this morning to deliver you a huge piece of sweet and tasty HOPE. Truthfully, I wish I had never had to learn these lessons and could have prevented those hard days with my kiddos. However, we walked through them and learned from them and continue to do so. I feel if this is for you, I would be doing you a huge injustice if I left you to keep chewing on Satan’s failure when I have a recipe to our Savior’s Hope! So, you ask, how is it we can keep our children thriving through seasons our marriages are struggling? It’s truly not rocket science and it doesn’t take someone special...

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The Communication Barrier

           “Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” Genesis 11:7(NKJV) If only he understood where I was coming from. If only I understood what he was thinking. Does this thought process ring a bell? Those moments or seasons where your marital communication literally feels like you are speaking different languages? In Genesis Chapter 11 we read that the whole earth spoke one language (v.1). Verse four says, And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” How is your communication working out with your man lately? Here’s a tip: If you are thriving in that area, I’m celebrating with you, because in MANY cases, the root to so many marital problems is lack of communication with one another. However, don’t take it for granted. If you are wavering or deeply struggling in the communication field, I can relate dear friend. That being said, I cannot count the times the miscommunication in my marriage was a turning point in my personal  walk with Christ. I would become fixated on the lack of understanding between the hubs and I, I would idolize the problem and what I needed to do to fix it. Therefore, I would lose focus with Jesus. More...

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Even When You Feel You Are Wilting…Give Thanks

I’m not the flower type. What about you? The gal who swoons over that delivery of a fresh bouquet. Nah, not me. I’m more the “save your money and wash a load of dishes for me” type gal. But you see, I know the holidays without the flowers or even the free gift of clean dishes. So that small set of roses are so special to me that I have chosen to keep them even as they wilt. And still, I find them so beautiful. Why, you ask. Those roses were only one way my husband outdid himself showing me I am noticed. I am appreciated. I am loved. My husband and I have walked through seasons where appreciating each other was unheard of. We loved but not as the life of a rose. When there were thorns, we were more like enemies with no love in sight. The beauty of the bloom among the thorns was something we struggled to see. Giving thanks wasn’t something we practiced in seasons where we felt we were wilting. How about you? Have you ever experienced the power of giving thanks when your life is more in droop mode? Can I be honest here? This is one of my greatest struggles. I’m quick to fear defeat and slow to lift my hands for all the victories thus far. When your life seems to be wilting, it’s easy...

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