I truly can’t imagine what the day will be like when my husband and I celebrate our 50 year anniversary. (Lord willing) I must say, dreaming of those big milestones are great, but we must keep a fervent focus on the moment to moment mission in our daily lives in order to reach those types of milestones.

Now, we all know our hubbies aren’t the only ones who tend to become grumpy when life is pressing from all sides. Us wives have a less appealing side as well. Let’s just admit that now.

Truth be told, this post is not about what’s fair, what’s equal, or what’s deserved. This post is about offering the type of love Jesus offers you and I in our least tolerant moments.

I have learned the art in loving my man in ways and times he isn’t in the mode to give anything back. Do I always feel like it? No. When we gear our hearts in alignment with Jesus, however, we yearn for nothing more than to shed the love that has been shed for us.

Here are 5 ways I have found to love my husband when he is tired and grumpy. I hope it brings blessings to your marriage today.

1.) Surprise him with food.

We all know food is the way to a man’s heart. I’m no Betty Crocker but I love to spoil my hubby with some good food. Surprise him at work with a hot meal and some sweet treats. Maybe even buy some surprise snacks to pack him for the week that aren’t his typical planned out items. Those ones you know he will indulge in. Just make sure it’s out of the ordinary and he feels noticed.

2.) Help him unwind.

He works hard. He is carrying the weight of providing for a family. He is dealing with his own mind battles and struggles in life. Sometimes, as we know, it’s hard to just relax and unwind. Helping your man to do so can be so refreshing. Encourage putting your phones away for the evening and take time to engage in each other. Be more of the listener and less of the talker. Warm his towel in the dryer while he showers. Offer a foot rub. These sweet gestures will go a long way for a restless man.

3.) Allow him some peace and quiet.

If you’re in a season of child-rearing, your home can be quite the circus at times; I know for us at least. If you are aware your husband has had a stressful day at work, or a financial crisis made way that day, be intentional in allowing him some time of peace and quiet.

Whether it be putting the kids to bed a tad earlier or taking them to the park while he showers and unwinds after dinner. Discussing with the kids that daddy is tired and is in need of some quiet time can be beneficial for everyone involved if they understand what is going on. He will be a better husband and father if he has some time to re-coop from his day without feeling like he left work for an evening at the circus.

4.)Leave a love-note.

It can be silly or serious. However you choose to write it, let him know your love for him, your desire for him, and your appreciation of him. (Remember, this is regarding a grumpy husband, so your “feelings” may not match up at the moment and you may have to dig deep into your heart’s love for this man) Keep it sincere. Leave it in his lunchbox, drivers seat, pillow, or wherever you think he will find it in a time he may need it most.

5.) Pray for the man.

I can’t tell you the power behind this. We can love them all day, but we can’t do for them near what our sweet Jesus can. And on those days you are so drained yourself, prayer should be top priority over all these other examples or any of your own. If you happen to be a reader or just a wife in need of a good prayer strategy for your hubs, I HIGHLY recommend “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian. That book changed my marriage perspective wholeheartedly four years ago and I still find myself referring back to it from time to time.

Happy Loving, Friend!