Make or Break. That was our Valentine’s Day several years ago.

My husband and I were like two lost puppies without a clue in the world where we were headed. Sadly, we had only been married a few months. This particular Valentine’s, we had the holiday to ourselves as grandparents pitched in to help with our kids. I wish I could tell you the arrangement was for a peaceful time of solitude to enjoy the company of one another. Instead, we made it more a time of intervention for ourselves to make the decision to keep pressing on or throw in the towel.

I assume you can guess what we chose.

Valentine’s Day is clearly a day to celebrate love. I personally know that just because you love someone doesn’t mean it’s always easy to celebrate. From personal experience and hearing from others, when we are weary, the holiday where love is celebrated is a day we despise social media and we avoid the Hallmark card section. (because even it shouts “Calling all happy couples”) Why? Because it hurts. The void in our relationship becomes pronounced and hard to run from.

I’m sharing five verses that I firmly believe will uplift and anchor your soul. Would you care to give these words a chance?

1 Peter 4:8
(the verse that became the foundation of this blog)

2 Corinthians 12:9

Proverbs 3:5-6

Galatians 6:7-9

Joel 2:25

With great intention I did not provide the actual verses for you, only the references. Why, you ask? It’s easy to read through a blog post, be touched for a moment, then continue on in your day. Satan will allow you a moment of peace but will find a time that you have forgotten these words to these verses to attack you in your weariness. Bookmark, screen shot, whatever you need to do in order to hold onto to these references.

When Satan wants to bathe your mind in fear and comparison, here is where you fight back.

Go to these verses. Speak them out loud. Write them on your heart. Let them penetrate your soul.

Let Jesus in when you feel like pushing the world out. Looking back to that day, I loved my husband, sure. However, I struggled to celebrate that love. Fast forward to today, I have a peace I didn’t know then and a love I now can celebrate. Yes, in many ways my husband and I have persevered to be where we are today (still so far from perfect).

Oh friend, the peace I am referring to though, came from the certainty and hope I found when all I had to hold onto were these verses. I pray they can meet you in your weariness today and be that same anchor for you.

I pray you don’t run from love as this holiday approaches, but run towards it instead. The love of Jesus is greater than any love I have ever known. Will you accept His love for you today that His love through you may be poured out unto others?

the lovely exchange:

Satan’s ploy to destruct you through fear and comparison at a time
You are struggling to celebrate love

exchanged for

Christ’s victory in love through His words which are living and active and speak life
In the deadest of places (fighting the good fight)