Month: August 2016

Road Rage

Have you ever been in the vehicle with someone who completely lost their head over someone else’s mistake on the road? A.K.A. Road Rage. It can be comical, frightening or down-right embarrassing. Let’s put ourselves in that driver’s shoes for a minute. Obviously if that other driver put people’s lives at risk, there is reason to be concerned and react without hesitation. Sometimes, it’s a lack of convenience on your part if you’re running behind or your patience left long before your lunch break on this very day. You would blame the other person for your actions, correct? “If they hadn’t.… then I wouldn’t have…”. I am guilty of convincing myself that my sin is justified if someone else’s actions brought me to it. Yes? Anyone with me here? “If my children hadn’t been so defiant today, I wouldn’t have been so hateful.” “If my husband hadn’t ‘expected’ me to do that and would have rather appreciated it, then I wouldn’t have been so bitter about doing it.” Ouch. Let’s take a look at Genesis when Adam and Eve. We will skip right to the part where they have eaten the apple. They are naked and shamefully hiding out in the garden as they heard God’s voice call out and question Adam as to what he has done. (Genesis 3:9-11) Genesis 3:12 reads, Then the man said, “The woman...

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Wonder(ful) Woman.

Truth lived out is the best sermon. -Lysa Terkeurst   As I examine the number on the scale beneath me, I shutter at the lack in my physical upkeep. Growing up, I loved staying active. I never imagined 10 years later that I would have a battle with the number on the scale. Yes, I have birthed five children. Am I sad I am no longer a size 0? Heck no. Most importantly, am I living a life exemplifying the best version of myself? No where close. My husband works many hours and is pulled many directions through the week. There’s no denying he is one exhausted man some days. However, on those days I find myself frustrated because I see him stretching himself so thin for everyone else, there is nothing left for us. One day, as I was griping to him (free tip: nagging is never the way to a man’s heart), I was instantly convicted. I’m in the same boat as my husband. Granted, I have more hours in the day to spend with our children, but there are times I stretch myself so thin, they get the short end of the stick. Though hard to admit, I’m certain I am not the only one. Whether I am behind on my writing or housework, I become stressed and overwhelmed. Maybe I’ve committed to more than meets...

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Thirsty Thursday: Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14 I’ve been doing a lot of thinking here lately. The kind of deep thinking where your 4 year old says “Mommy” about six times before you actually respond, though you subconsciously heard him every time prior. Lost in thought. Digging through questions about my identity, my worth or value, my physical and emotional state. Since launching this blog, I have been addressed by people here and there praising my gifts as a writer. They have expressed how much they love the blog or how this post or that one touched them so deeply. If you have been touched, praise Jesus for that! For real, y’all. Every time I am complimented, I find myself wrestling the way I see myself. You see, this blog isn’t birthed from me seeing myself as a gifted writer or a great storyteller. Most importantly, it doesn’t come from the belief I am some marriage expert because certainly I am not. All quite the opposite. No, this blog is birthed from roots of heartache, my greatest stumbling blocks, seasons where my faith was shaken. It came in the form of a prayer during a sleepless night begging God to make good with my story that it may one day help others. I was tired...

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5 Ways to Love Your Grumpy Husband

  I truly can’t imagine what the day will be like when my husband and I celebrate our 50 year anniversary. (Lord willing) I must say, dreaming of those big milestones are great, but we must keep a fervent focus on the moment to moment mission in our daily lives in order to reach those types of milestones. Now, we all know our hubbies aren’t the only ones who tend to become grumpy when life is pressing from all sides. Us wives have a less appealing side as well. Let’s just admit that now. Truth be told, this post is not about what’s fair, what’s equal, or what’s deserved. This post is about offering the type of love Jesus offers you and I in our least tolerant moments. I have learned the art in loving my man in ways and times he isn’t in the mode to give anything back. Do I always feel like it? No. When we gear our hearts in alignment with Jesus, however, we yearn for nothing more than to shed the love that has been shed for us. Here are 5 ways I have found to love my husband when he is tired and grumpy. I hope it brings blessings to your marriage today. 1.) Surprise him with food. We all know food is the way to a man’s heart. I’m no Betty Crocker...

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