Month: July 2016

Thirsty Thursday: Revelation 3:8

  Do you ever feel like your marriage could be compared to the game of Jenga? I had a woman recently share with me her story of marriage. She told me she was fighting so hard to keep it together but there was so much outside pull, she wasn’t sure if it would be able to withstand. Has that ever been you? Possibly, you have woken up to that very struggle today? I could see straight to the heart of this woman. She adores Jesus, her husband, as well as the family they have created together. But, friend, her heart is deeply wounded. I know that feeling all too well. When the light seems so far off. This verse was placed on my heart this morning for any weary wife in need of this replenishing truth into the drought of her heart and soul. The Jenga tower has to be built one block at a time just as our marriages. We don’t walk into marriage perfectly constructed. We have to build day by day, hour by hour. In Jenga, you must set each layer of blocks a certain way. If you don’t, the whole game becomes destructed. If we aren’t properly building our marriages in the way they were designed, we leave room for mass destruction. When that happens, our tower we have built thus far can experience downfall...

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Thirsty Thursday: 1 Samuel 16:7

  Not long ago, my husband and I met some new friends. What began as a few encounters of small talk and introducing our families in between church services soon became an instant connection of bonding one evening on our first family date of many. Between grilled cheeseburgers and fruit pizza along with a feast of more options, we talked life as if we had been walking this journey together all along. Between laughter, tears, and more laughter, I saw Jesus. Through people who loved us although we arrived an hour late. Accepted us in ways that haven’t always been familiar. Kept us calm and relaxed as all of our 8 children had balls flying through the air in their living room…reminding us…those are the little things that become big things and to enjoy it while it lasts. The people who told us we seemed like the family who had it all together and as we shared our journey, they didn’t love us less, yet loved us more. I don’t want to be the couple who comes off as we “have it all together.” That’s actually been said to us twice in the past two weeks (in complimentary form), however, it turned a few wheels in my mind. I’ve been the wife to struggle with those families who seemed to “have it all together.” Found myself greatly envious and...

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Thirsty Thursday: Matthew 6:1

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” Matthew 6:1 Papaw Jerry. A name that inspires me to do better. To give more. Always ready to reach out to someone in need. I hope each of you have had a Papaw Jerry in your life, and if you haven’t, what I would give for you to have met mine. A man whose selflessness could be reminisced for days and still not lay a finger on the impact he made during his span of life. July 5th marked one year since we said our goodbyes to this precious man. Those of you unaware, he fought for nearly a year to brain cancer of an aggressive form. Though his body was withering, his heart was still thriving days before passing. Just the week before, my husband and I had the privilege of staying overnight with him helping meet his needs while other family members could catch up on sleep from many sleepless nights. He was still trying to cover my Nana in the night, worried she was cold. He was still offering to take our family out to eat, though he was fully handicapped by this point. His heart for his people was still serving though his body no longer...

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Let Freedom Ring

“Lord, help me to love you more. I confess I have loved my husband far more than I have you. I have idolized him, sought my identity through him, even sought him as the ultimate fulfiller of my life. Help me day by day to choose you first as the absolute love of my life.” I remember the changes in my heart as I began praying that prayer 2 years ago. The freedom that began to wash over me as I pursued Christ wholeheartedly. What began as a small sparkler of hope brought fireworks in dark places. Have you idolized your husband? Maybe you have sought your identity through your marriage relationship? Do you seek your hubby to fulfill all your needs and voids in life? For about 5 years of our relationship, I was guilty of all of the above. I was a single mom of 2 boys ages 1 and 2 when we our relationship began. I wasn’t looking for love at the time. I allowed my baby boys to consume all of me. Little did I know, there was this deep void beneath what I thought was working out just fine. A void for relationship. A void for a family dynamic. A void for my boys and myself to be loved in a package deal. In the midst of a season where the voids didn’t feel...

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